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Joanna Leskow

Athens, Greece

Born and raised in Boston, USA, Joanna took her first trans-atlantic flight at 4 months old and her first solo trans-atlantic flight at just barely 5 years old– talk about starting young!

It quickly became clear that Joanna was destined for a life of travel. With stints in cities like Los Angeles, London, Warsaw, and Athens, she became a true citizen of the world, soaking in the diversity and excitement each place had to offer.

Joanna’s passion for travel isn’t just about ticking off destinations; it’s about diving deep into each experience. She’s a stickler for detail and has a keen eye for the extraordinary. Whether she’s discovering a boutique hotel or stumbling upon a hidden gem of a destination, Joanna’s enthusiasm knows no bounds.

And when it comes to customer service, Joanna doesn’t just aim to meet expectations – she’s all about blowing them out of the water. For her, there’s nothing quite like the joy of helping someone have the trip of a lifetime.

In short, Joanna’s journey isn’t just about crossing borders; it’s about embracing the world with open arms and a spirit of adventure.

Joanna Leskow

Destination specialities

Europe, Indian Ocean, Africa

Most memorable trip

My most memorable trip was probably my first trip to Kenya… before I worked in travel. I had no idea what to expect and was blown away. That’s when I knew how impactful travel can be… I think that’s when I knew I’d have to work in the travel industry someday.

One travel tip

It's amazing how much you can stuff into a garment bag, and then simply roll it into your suitcase. Garment bags are an absolute game-changer! Plus, it's essential to pick up a few key phrases like "thank you" or "hello" in the local language wherever you go. It goes a long way in making connections and showing appreciation for the culture you're visiting.

One item I cannot travel without

A travel essential I absolutely swear by is a silk eye mask. It's my secret weapon for catching Z's faster, whether I'm on a plane or in a hotel room. It's like a magic spell against jet lag that I never leave home without!

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