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Cheryl Martell

Jacksonville, Florida

Great food and wine, college football and family are Cheryl’s favorite things in life.   A former elementary school teacher, Cheryl has channeled her detail-oriented skill set and passion for different cultures into planning trips that are special and unforgettable.

Before getting into the travel business, Cheryl would often have at least three trips planned for her family of five for the coming year.  Her husband is very thankful she now plans for others.  Giving the “gift of travel” is something Cheryl believes is more valuable than anything else in the world and loves to share unique possibilities to clients based on their own interests and style.

When not up in the air, on the lacrosse or football field watching games, Cheryl can be found having happy hour with friends or out boating with her family and beloved labradoodles, Molly and Griffin.   Combining food tastings with history tours or getting lost down a quaint European street for a bit of shopping is Cheryl’s ideal day abroad.  She and her husbands travel goal is to visit all the wine regions of the world and are currently chipping away at their dream.  Feel free to ask about her progress on your next call with Cheryl.

Destination specialities

Europe, UK, Ireland, United States & Africa

Most memorable trip

My most memorable trip was coined, “Bush and Blends”, where I first did an African Safari in Botswana, followed by time in the wine region of South Africa. Not only did I fulfil my dream of seeing amazing animals in the wild, I ended the trip in pure bliss with multiple wine tastings, spa treatments and bike riding through the South African vineyards.

One travel tip

Grab a pair of the complimentary slippers at the hotel you are staying for a future trip. Store them away and then put them in your carry on for your next long flight. You will be able to reminisce about the wonderful previous stay you had, and feel luxurious on your flight to your next fabulous hotel. Repeat the process and enjoy!

One item I cannot travel without

Sheet masks: Call me bougie or high maintenance, but our skin takes a beating when we travel due to dehydration, change in temperatures…you name it. My favorite thing to pack is sheet masks which take up very little room and are disposable, can freshen even the most tired of faces and make us look like we might have actually slept a little on the plane. You might look like Hannibal Lecter, but who cares…you won’t see these people again.

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Client testimonials

Every day was planned beautifully by Cheryl! The activities were all well planned. The hotels and meals were better than expected. Our travel guides were incredible people. I will use Accomplished for all my future vacations!

– Cheryl’s Client

This has been the GREATEST vacation we could have hoped for!!!! I can’t begin to tell you how amazing it is and what a fabulous time we have had here in CR and all together

– Cheryl’s Client

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