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Lori Stone

Bergan County, New Jersey

Lori Stone’s love for travel began during her childhood years, where she developed a keen interest in exploring ski resorts and beach destinations. Lori joined the team in 2011 as a travel advisor at Accomplished and has become a seasoned professional in the industry.

Having graduated from the University of Delaware alongside Accomplished founder and CEO, Jason, Lori’s initial career path led her to work for LVMH. However, her deep passion for travel eventually led her to Bergen County, New Jersey, where she raised two daughters alongside her faithful sidekick, Harley the vizsla.

After years of monotony at the gym and excess trips to Starbucks, Lori yearned for something more fulfilling. It was during a dinner at Sushi Samba with Jason that the idea of a part-time gig in travel was discussed. Cut to today, that part-time gig has turned into a full-time career, where Lori now travels the world, exploring new destinations and forging lasting relationships with colleagues and clients alike.

Lori’s unparalleled passion for travel is matched only by her talent for establishing strong client relationships and creating unforgettable experiences. Her expertise lies in curating family travel and couple getaways, whether it’s a simple hotel booking in Miami or a more complex itinerary to Australia. Whatever the task, Lori consistently delivers exceptional results..

One travel tip

Head to a local bar or even hotel bar. Smile engage and strike up a conversation Never know who you'll meet!

One item I cannot travel without

Comfortable footwear. Opting for stylish yet comfortable sneakers can ensure comfort and support during long days of exploring, without compromising on fashion.

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