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11 / 08 / 23

Discovering Down Under: Australia Travel Guide

Contributed By: Andre Sustelo

Getting to Australia isnt as hard as one would think. This valuable guide tells you all you need to know from when to go, what to expect and what not to miss on this Australia Travel Guide!

Australia might seem like a distant speck on the map, but the truth is, direct flights link North American hubs with the largest island continent in Oceania. The journey to get there is a piece of cake, but figuring out what to do once you've arrived is a whole different ballgame! That's where Accomplished comes in. Follow the below guide to learn more about this amazing destination.


Travel enthusiasts seeking lush rainforests and vibrant ocean reefs are drawn to Australia's tropical paradise in the northeast, where Far North Queensland and the renowned Great Barrier Reef beckon. If you're on the hunt for cozy campfires and farm-fresh delights, Tasmania, located off the southeast coast, has become a hot destination. Victoria's culinary scene, centered around Melbourne, showcases its culinary prowess, while the Great Ocean Road offers an enchanting journey down the windswept southern coastline. Just a stone's throw away, South Australia shines with its numerous wine regions, and Adelaide, the capital, serves as the ultimate showcase for its finest drops.

While the term "Outback" is often linked with the Northern Territory, those in the know venture deeper for an authentic experience of Indigenous culture and art. Similarly, First Nations encounters in New South Wales elevate the international influence of the most populous Australian state. Thrill-seekers satisfy their adventurous spirit with expedition cruises and tours, opening doors to the remote northwest of Western Australia, where ancient history and otherworldly landscapes await.

No matter where your adventure leads you, Australia extends a warm welcome with its signature laid-back lifestyle, diverse wildlife, and friendly local hosts. Dive into this primer to prepare for your journey and remember, the true magic unfolds when you arrive, confirming that reality surpasses your wildest expectations.

Getting there:

To get to Australia from North America in a flash, the go-to route is snagging direct flights from major cities like Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Vancouver. Reliable carriers such as Qantas, United, American, Delta, and Air Canada provide regular services for this hop across the Pacific. Lately, Qantas and Air New Zealand have spiced things up by introducing stopover flights from New York to Australia's eastern coastline via Auckland. And for those who fancy breaking up the journey, consider layovers in tropical paradises like Honolulu, just a swift 10-hour flight from Sydney, or Fiji, a mere four-hour skip away.‘

Navigating Australia is a breeze, thanks to the pedestrian-friendly cities, efficient public transport systems, and the convenience of Uber. You can hop on and off trains, buses, and trams with ease using Apple Pay or your trusty credit card – no need for special passes.

Given that mainland Australia is nearly as vast as the continental U.S., flying between major cities is the quickest and most efficient option. However, if you're up for an adventure and want to embrace the Aussie way of doing things, consider renting a car for day trips or quick getaways from the capital cities. This way, you can soak in the stunning coastal views, the expansive countryside, and the charming food-and-wine regions. Just keep in mind, when you're driving, stay on the left side of the road.

Accomplished Travel Tip: Make sure to take a ride on a Sydney Harbor ferry at least once. Gliding beneath the iconic Harbor Bridge and sailing past the Sydney Opera House on a bright, sunny day grants you the most breathtaking views of the city.

Live Like You Live There:

Australians are always up for a good time, whether it's at a festival, a pop-up dinner featuring a beloved chef, or a lively sporting event. Food takes center stage in our lives, and it's so much more than just lamingtons and pavlovas.

If you're eager to dive in to a culinary scene, don't hesitate to have your Accomplished Travel Advisor snag you tickets to some of our country's fantastic food festivals. Attending events like the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, and the Noosa Eat and Drink Festival in Queensland is a fantastic way to savor Australia's seasonal flavors.

The Weather:

Australia is famous for its abundant sunshine, making it a fantastic destination for well-planned vacations that are rarely disrupted by extended periods of rain. While southern cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Hobart experience all four distinct seasons, including chilly winters, northern cities such as Cairns and Darwin have a tropical wet season from November through April, followed by a dry season from May to October. Perth in Western Australia steals the sunshine crown, basking in over eight hours of sunlight per day on average, making it the sunniest region and the capital.

The seasons dance to a different beat compared to the Northern Hemisphere. Summer in Australia spans from December through February, followed by autumn from March to May, winter embracing June to August, and spring, roughly stretching from September through November. While summer tends to be the peak tourist season, Australia is buzzing with life year-round.

As spring arrives, locals are in high spirits as they gear up for the long and celebratory summer days.

With a hint of crispness in the air, autumn tempts us to explore quieter towns and the countryside. Even during winter, Sydneysiders enjoy relatively mild temperatures, with 50-degree days in the heart of August. In the northern Queensland tropics, sweaters are practically unheard of.

Where to Stay: One of our Favorite hotels in Sydney


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This majestic sandstone structure gracefully encompasses a corner block, bordered by Loftus, Bridge, and Young streets.

The rooms are neutrally toned and generous with space. Their star feature is the beds, which have customised Sealy mattresses with marshmallow-soft toppers sheathed in buttery sheets from Frette.

The split-level Liberty Suite has a partial view of Harbour Bridge, while the best-in-house Capella Suite has harbor views right from the master bed. 

At Brasserie 1930, enjoy à la carte breakfast and dinner in a Parisian-inspired setting with a 400-strong wine list and dishes showcasing Australian classics sourced from local farmers.

The all-day menu at Aperture includes favorites like Caesar salad, club sandwiches, and a signature tea blend from the Daintree Rainforest.

In the evening, visit McRae Bar to savor a cobbler cocktail beneath dried flower arrangements, paying homage to the building's original architect, George McRae.

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